APRIL 14, 2022

Today, I Turn 50 Years Old


By Violette De Ayala

Today, I turn 50 years old. I’m so happy to celebrate 50.


Because life is so good and I have so much to celebrate.

  • I have love all around me with good friends and family.
  • I am in pretty good shape, work out daily, and struck a good balance.
  • I am in a great marriage with solid communication and equal love too.
  • Finally, I am making money from so many areas of my life that are connected to what I love most. Every day brings me new wealth opportunities and I am so incredibly grateful for my wealth.

All of the above wasn’t always the case.

I spent my adult years looking for great solid friends. I spent a few years not talking to my father. I suffered herniated discs, a partial tear of my ACL, and had health issues until I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. My marriage wasn’t always the best which is why we divorced. I had a lot of issues to work on and baggage from childhood to clean up. Finally, I had lost so much money in a variety of ways from investments to life choices.

Years ago, I would have never thought it possible to have the life I currently have while connected to work that brings me so much joy.

You see, life can change.

Where you are right now?  All of it can change to be better. We think it can’t change, but I am telling you it can.

How do you start?

  • Fall in love with yourself, your beauty, the greatness you bring to this world.
  • Understand that you are destined to live a beautiful life filled with love.
  • You have the power right now to make the changes you need.
  • Start working on just one area of your life and when that starts to get better, and shift up, move to the next one. Baby step your way into living a more beautiful life.

I wrote this for you, or your friend, or a random person that just happens to see this post.  I wrote this to remind us all that we are in control of our thoughts, actions, and results.

Happy birthday to me and my 50 years of a personal evolution.

Cheers to you and your greatness…


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