Paula Broadwell // Co-Founder of Think Broader

Violette has an authentic message that will resonate with every woman. Her candor and courage in embracing both success and failure as simply equal stepping stones to self actualization will inspire any audience to be true to their purpose in life. Violette offers a refreshing voice in a time when women are seeking visionary leaders. I am grateful to now call her a friend, sister in the "good ol girls" network, and inspiration on so many levels”



“I have heard Violette speak twice, both times incredibly inspiring. Although she doesn’t even realize it, Violette was instrumental in helping me to decide to take my career to the next level. She spoke about the importance of intention and goal-setting, and she helped me to realize that I should stop limiting myself in my entrepreneurial endeavor. After she spoke, I decided to make my Plan B my Plan A, and as a result I have been able to walk out of Corporate America forever and live my life on my own terms. Hearing her speak was an instrumental part of the process for me in finding career happiness.”
— Courtney Lutz McLellan Charlotte, NC


Briles Johnson // Executive Director Small Business Administration Triangle Region

“Violette de Ayala was our keynote speaker at the Moving Forward with Purpose event in Durham, NC.  Her speech resonated with the audience with her candor, humor, thoughtfulness and that she spoke from the heart.  Violette thoughtfully wove her journey as an entrepreneur in a meaningful, full circle dialogue that had us all laughing, some had tears of emotion and at the end of the day- the audience walked away with purpose and gratitude.  Violette inspired us and enlightened us to move forward in our businesses and lives.”

“THANK YOU for the 6 week program. It was incredibly insightful for me. It gave me more ideas than I even know what to do with, and I will need some time to process it all. It’s now been 2 months after the end of the program, and:
• I completed one of the things that I had written down in my “be fearless” worksheet. Not only did it feel like a great weight was taken off my shoulders, BUT something great and totally unexpected came out of it. That’s karma for you right there! The irony is it took less than a week to get it done (and I had been procrastinating for about 10 months).
• I’ve been writing down ideas that came up during this program, and I’m starting to take steps to implement them, or simply to think about them to see how I can make them a reality.
• I’ve given or booked 2 talks following your advice, and it’s been great! And I have many ideas to develop that side of my business.
All this in just a short 2 months (which also happen to be my busiest months of the year, so there are many things I couldn’t start yet for lack of time). The Holidays are usually my slowest time of the year, so I know I will get many things done then that are on my to-do list. Seriously, I’m recommending this program to everyone. Best professional/personal development money I’ve ever spent! “
— Fanny Havel // Entrepreneur


Dionne Dean // Founder of Thrift Box

“There are conversations you will have in this life that will change the course of your business and your life; this has been my experience each time I interact with Violette.  I'm not sure whether it's her years of experience,  both in business and in life, or just her willingness to be transparent about what has and has not worked for her. Whatever it may be, after implementing the changes she advised for my business, I have seen increase in both my influence and my finances. She is a force to be reckoned with and essential member of my 'dream team'.”

“Violette is an amazing role-model for girls and women of all ages!”
— Kelly Honokaupu Divine Beauty Inspirations Honolulu, HI

“I truly am so grateful for Violette de Ayala come to Jesus talk a year in a half ago. I immediately implemented half of what she told me and a year later implementing the other half. It takes mentors, coaches, a tribe of people who believe in you and people who will open the lock the door you need to OPEN!
— Giselle Mascarenhas Villarreal // Founder of Bold Media

I had the opportunity to meet Violette at a conference. What impressed me most about Violette was her genuine love for people. She had the ability to instantly connect with people. She was authentic, approachable, a great listener, and a phenomenal communicator. These strengths would ultimately lend to her talents of public speaking.

Violette was not selling a product, she was the product! Violette understood her audience like the back of her hand. She understood that in a world where little things were often overlooked; it was the little things that often had the biggest impact. She knew her audience. She obviously studied the text of her topic and she conveyed passion. Violette owned the stage!

It is truly an honor to have come in contact with such a charismatic, powerful, FEM such as Violette. She definitely is a forward thinker and is light years ahead of the competition, yet she stands firmly grounded on the foundation of serving people.

If public speaking was an art; and it is. Violette is the Monet of the 21st century.
— Laurinda Andujar Entrepreneur, Miami