APRIL 27, 2022

How To Get A “No-Makeup” Makeup Look


By Violette De Ayala


I am a minimalist and love to limit what I carry around in my bag. To get a no-makeup look that looks like summer, health and vibrancy, I use the following products and steps. Let me know how these tips help you and send me a photo too!!

All over tinted sunscreen: I am obsessed with sunscreen because my dermatologist has programmed my brain to always use it while in the sun. I am in the sun daily which leads me to use this every day. I place droplets on my forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and upper lip. I take a brush and blend it softly and also blend it in with a bit of eye concealer. I even blend a bit down my neck so it blends my neck and face together.


Under-eye concealer: I have deep circles under my eyes so this is the first place I start. I use my ring finger and dab lightly under the eye all the way up and around the corners to be sure it’s somewhat blended. I actually dab a bit over my lip because I have some dark shadows there from laser hair removal that stained my skin a bit. {You most likely don’t have to use concealer for that part of your face.)


Eyeliner: I use a dark brown color so it looks more natural, and lightly line the upper and lower parts so the it opens my eyes a bit.


Eyebrow brush: I am starting to have a bit of some white little eyebrow hairs and find this tinted brow stick helps with the stray ones and the white ones. I use brown because of my base color and again to go for a daytime look.

Cheek stain: I use two colors here. I use a brown stick to define the cheeks and then a light pink to give my face a sun-kissed look. I then blend it all together for a nice yummy and sun-finished look. I use summertime for the bronze-brown look and then dusty rose for pink.

Don’t forget to pick up blending brushes to polish your application.  Click here for the video recap.

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