MAY 25, 2022

How To Find Balance During These Times of Chaos


By Violette De Ayala

Balance.  It’s hard to keep your balance in a daily way.

It’s even harder to keep your balance when the world is filled with chaotic vibes, profound sadness, and grief in recovering from what we have all been through.

How do you continue to maintain balance while navigating all the various winds, energies, and worldly news?

Here are three questions to ask yourself with the intention of keeping your balance:

  1. What is in your control? There are so many things going on all the time and our attention is pulled in so many ways, we lose our footing. When this happens, you will feel a sense of being lost, out of control, mind spinning with a variety of thoughts, and time goes on and you haven’t moved forward. Go back to the question, what is in my control at this very moment? This question will pull you back into your current state and move you forward in at least one little way so you can maneuver yourself back on track.
  2. What is your path and alignment? Being pulled into so many directions leads us to say yes to opportunities, discussions, or activities that don’t serve our highest purpose or vision. Where do you want to go, and what is that path? Reminding yourself of your path through sticky notes, meditation, or journaling helps to keep it top of mind and you can start to pivot back into your true journey. Start to sway away from the path that is pulling you away from your destiny
  3. Where is your place of safety and recharge? Sometimes with chaotic, frenetic, or stressful vibes, we really just need a few hours or a day or two to be safe and rest. What is your place of safety? Where do you find moments of recharging? Is it at the beach? Walking out to the park? Listening to your favorite music? Yoga class? Humans need to recharge. All humans need a safe space to heal.

What are some tips that have helped you?

I always love to learn and expand ways we can find and maintain balance.

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