APRIL 2, 2022

How To Develop Healthy Relationships


By Violette De Ayala

Healthy relationships, whether those are in mentorships, partnerships, or collaborations, are critical pieces to not only a successful business but also for a happy life. Often, we intentionally get into relationships without any curated features or envisioned scenarios other than deciding if the relationship fits right into place with timing.

When we have relationships that are not healthy, it can really shift our energy and close off opportunities, growth, and elevated shifts. Unhealthy relationships can feel draining, exhausting, and depleting of our soul.

Alternatively, when we are in healthy relationships with our mentorships, partnerships and collaborations, our happiness increases, our opportunities start to grow and pour in organically, and we find a continuous and harmonious flow within life and business.

To review what state your relationships are in, whether it’s in mentorships, partnerships, or collaborations, review the way you feel, your emotions during the connection, and ways you up-level or down-level your mindset. Sometimes relationships can up-level as well through conscious maneuvers and edits in the way we connect.

Here are 3 easy ways to create healthy relationships at work and in life:

  1. Listening: there are rules on what percentage of the time we should be listening, but it’s rare to discuss how to listen. Listening is taking in the words another person is sharing and being present as the words roll out. Not listening is already coming up with what you want to say, or ways to debate their conversation. Listening is really about being truly present and not having any expectation of what will be said, and not listening to respond. Practice by intently listening without having your mind run to other parts of the story, and consider every word that is being said. It takes practice to be a good listener. Studies have shown that great listening can impact your sales, growth, and revenue. The best salespeople are also wonderful and seasoned listeners.
  2. Balance: Finding balance in relationships also aids in the health rating of people. The best relationships are hovering in a constant state of ebb and flow, and benefit both or all parties somewhat equally. Balance in a relationship means that both parties not only benefit but also give and take for one another in a healthy state. The best relationships ensure that each party is benefiting equally and work towards ensuring that there is a healthy circle that is respectful and filled with equity.
  3. Clear communication: You don’t always have to reconfirm the conversation but clear communication works to help set expectations and remove the possibility of confusion. While meeting with mentors, partners, or collaborators, repeating what was said, agreed upon and shared notes helps to create healthy relationships. Reviewing notes and expectations creates a guide to open up communication and state the importance between parties to elevate the relationship.

Additional tips:

  • Empathy: When communicating, coming from a place of empathy and love helps to develop healthy relationships. All relationships benefit from keeping empathy as part of the running theme and energy. Through email, virtual meetings, or in real life, empathy can make the difference in any relationship, especially those striving to be healthy.
  • Respect: Respect and validation for another person’s perspective, experience, and response is a necessary component for healthy relationships. Even through political, religious, or business discussions, if respect is maintained, healthy relationships can weather the storm.
  • Kindness: Sharing kindness with another person even through disagreements can also keep relationships healthy. You don’t need to agree or sway each other to alternative opinions in order to show kindness. Kindness can say, we don’t agree, but I see you and value our relationship.

All of the above are also very contagious, and when we witness healthy relationships around us, we embody and unconsciously illustrate healthiness to those around us. Just like a smile can be contagious, so can being in a healthy relationship. It inspires us all to be better humans and move towards an overall higher level of health.

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