APRIL 11, 2022

Hollywood Regency Home Design + Glamour Tips


By Violette De Ayala

I am slightly obsessed with Hollywood Regency style for home and design. I had a delicious lunch at Swan located in the Miami Design District which is owned by Pharrell Williams.

The design, the food, and the ambiance is ridiculously gorgeous. What I loved most was the way the colors, patterns and the ease of comfort were rolled together for an overall luxury feel that is very Miami style.

Here are some tips we can add to our own home to illustrate luxe and yummy vibes…the Hollywood Regency-inspired look:

  1. Textured cut velvet fabric : Cut velvet fabric gives the eye a sense of warmth and comfort. Add a few pillows or go crazy with a velvet sofa (I have a pink velvet sofa}. A little touch of velvet with monotone design can really add some luxury to your home.
  2. Unique light fixtures : Spend the time to curate unique light fixtures that copy the feel and design of your home. Spray paint it with a color that is already accented in the room to give it a sense of continuity. I love gold, so you can always default with gold.
  3. Pops of color : Keep it simple. Focus on 2-3 consistent colors and utilize those as your pops. I love how they blended flamingo pink and turquoise blue throughout the restaurant. It flows effortlessly and keeps your eyes happy.
  4. Pops of luxury textures : Adding a sense of texture with marble can upgrade the look of any room. Whether it’s a vase, a coffee table, or a full-on countertop, marble makes everyone swoon. Cut glass and porcelain also can add luxury to areas of your home.
  5. Wood detail : Amp up the wood in your home with either elaborate details around your frames, your trim, ceiling, or even in some specific areas in your home like wall panels. Having the trim one color of white can tie all your rooms together.
  6. It’s all in the details : Make every view of your home special and filled with love. I always try to make each viewpoint incorporate a sense of awe and wonder. Spend time thinking about the little details too. Bathroom fixtures, mirrors, plates, and glassware…they all make a difference in your overall look.
  7. Vintage-inspired pieces : I love incorporating vintage pieces that have sleek designs that are classical and timeless. This vintage piece adds so much warmth to the space. You can find beautiful pieces on Chairish, Etsy, and eBay.
  8. Greenery : Having plants around your living space can not only make your eyes happy but also elevate happiness levels. Take on a challenge and see how many live plants you can add to your living space. Succulents are easy to take care of, inexpensive, and will add love within your home.
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