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I am so happy you’re here.

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Podcast Pitches

Benefits of Stepping into Fear-Every time I have stepped into fear, enormous pivoting in my life occurred. I spent years studying fear and how to leverage it for ultimate growth. I can share with your audience the patterns of fear, it’s purpose, and how to retrain your brain for success. This method resulted in mentions in Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and a campaign featured in People, InStyle, and Real Simple Magazine.

Find Balance, For Real

My path raising three children, struggling with finances, fighting health issues and launching a startup inspired me to work on and create a ‘Balance Model’. Once I put it into practice, it filled me with clarity, which led me to taking actionable steps that finally got me to live more at peace, a happier life and find a sustainable balance. I can explain this model to the audience, how they can start to use it ASAP, and how they can finally be able to modify their life to find the ultimate balance (and happy place).

Raising Grounded Kids in a Helicopter Mom World vibe

Parenting tips from a seasoned, professional and experienced mom that didn’t take the helicopter approach or doing-the-homework-for-your-kids route. Instead, I took the unpopular grit, diversity and independence parenting route, which I practiced for decades with plenty of trial and error, self-help books and profound conversations.

Welfare to Wealth Mindset-I will share my rollercoaster life of living on welfare, losing all of our money and getting back in the game to create stability and abundance in wealth and life. I will share tips on how to create a money guide, discover money blocks, and truly connect to a mindset that allows you to up-level in all areas of your life. With this process, I was able to take a few dollars and create a successful brand with locations around the world.

  1. How to create a money guide

  2. How to start to think of money as a way to duplicate wealth

  3. How to reconnect with a money mindset to uncover hidden blocks

Purposeful Living-In a chaotic world of upside down behaviors and high tensions, how do we keep the focus on purpose and intention in a positive way. I will share 3 ways how we can stay focused on purpose, remove the negativity and find peace in our daily living.

How I grew a brand from one local community of female entrepreneurs to 100 communities around the world-Without the notorious batches of startup funds that many take on, I was able to grow our single Miami-based organization to 100 FemCity communities around the globe. I will share how to get started with limited funds, scalability components, developing a team, and simple (but life changing) task delegation techniques.

Married to the same man, second time around-After being married for 20 years and with 3 children from the union, divorce happened and saved our second time around. I will share how I knew it was time for us to divorce, how I took on self-care and we both found our way back to a stronger and renewed love for one another. A love story that shares inspiration that honors kindness and acceptance.

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