APRIL 12, 2022

5 Tips On Vacationing In Harbor Island


By Violette De Ayala

Living in Miami gives you access to the islands with just a quick little hop and a skip on a plane or boat. We just booked our travels for this summer and opted to go back to Harbor Island. I usually like to travel to new destinations but Harbor Island keeps calling me back to the sweet Caribbean seas.

Today I am sharing 5 tips on vacationing in Harbor Island that I wish I knew before our first stay on the island beautiful.

  1. Bring cash: upon arriving at the airport, you’ll need to take a cab to the port to get to Harbor Island. The fee is generally around $10-15, so bring cash. They don’t take credit cards and remember you’ll need some cash for your return as well.
  2. Rent The golf cart: The streets, architecture, and people are beautiful but better to view by golf cart than on foot. Even though Harbor Island is relatively small, golf cart rentals make it more fun and easier to explore the island.
  3. Visit the Piggly Wiggly: There is one market and even the locals go and it’s a cute and quaint Piggly Wiggly. They have just about everything you need for snacks and even dinner if your hotel, Airbnb, or Vrbo has a kitchen. We bought snacks for the beach and sweet cookies.
  4. Lunch at the Pink Sands: One of the most beautiful properties is Pink Sands, and their lunch is incredible and scenic. The property is like a jungle of beauty and wonder and a definite must-visit.
  5. Book a reservation for dinner: There are a few places for dining and my favorite is The Landing Hotel. It’s a popular place, so book weeks ahead to ensure you have a spot.

Additional tips : They do have a steep VAT that will be added, they accept cash as currency, and be sure that you research times to visit and not visit. Food and excursions are pricey.


For hotels, I recommend : Pink Sands, The Dunmore, Valentines Resort is great for families and they have a good happy hour by the water, and lastly, the beautiful Coral Sands Hotel.

For excursions: Book your scuba, snorkeling, boat trip and swim with the piggies at Conch and Coconut.

How to get to Harbor Island : From the United States, fly into Nassau, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami and take a connecting flight to North Eleuthera (ELH) Airport on American Airlines, Delta, or Silver Airways.

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