APRIL 3, 2022

3 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues


By Violette De Ayala

If you’re not excited for a Monday, it’s time to review your alignment, tasks you have taken on and what is keeping you from a joyous start to the week.

I recently wasn’t excited for a Monday and had to review all of this myself. Sometimes we accumulate action plans that no longer make sense, or activities that no longer bring us joy or we have taken on so many commitments that we have lost our way to what is really important and connected to our grander vision.

3 things to ponder:

  1.  What is the one element that is making me less excited for a Monday? Is it a meeting, phone call, or an activity that you are not looking forward to? If you can pinpoint one element, see if you can shift your mindset to see it as something wonderful and connected to your growth and all the great things about this element. Perhaps it’s opening yourself up for opportunity, or aiding in your personal growth in some way? Sometimes by changing our mindset, we can change the way we view our ongoings and it can lighten the anxiety we have for our Mondays.
  2. What are you looking forward to this beautiful Monday? Catching up with friends? Hitting a Pilates class? Adding a component to your Monday that really lifts you up is a great way to balance commitments that seem to knock you down a bit. Just add some love or things that show you love to make it more of an equitable day for your joy.
  3. If it’s an ongoing Monday blues, perhaps there is something more profound that needs some shifting. If you are regularly feeling the blues on a Monday or through a certain task, dive in a bit to see what is really the point of pain for you. Recently, I was getting a bit bored with certain tasks and once I dived in a bit more, I realized these tasks could be delegated and I could switch to different creative outlets. As a creative, I started to take on things that were not in my superhero talent and that started to drain me. It took me a few weeks of getting out of the state of busyness to realize certain daily activities no longer brought me joy.

Ideally, each day should be filled with joy, happiness and prosperity: a blend of work and life so that it’s in a state of ebb and flow with happiness.

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